Pheromones and Pleasure

04/13/2015 16:06

Put by the circumstances to choose between sexual pleasure and conquering your pheromones, she w ill always choose conquering your heart first.” When you give the right responses to this primeval need of hers – the need of owning your heart and mind - you will always bring her slowly to become hornier and hornier for you. The proper response to this primeval instinct of hers - you nice guys - is really not what you think. Read on.

One of the main reasons for the female loss of sexual pheromones in a relationship with a man or for her lack of attraction for him in the first place is that he lacks totally the skill of adpheromoneing properly her need of owning him. This is a secret which is kept hidden very carefully from men. Not many men – and especially not the men who do not have experience with many women – know about this important law of female sexual desire. Learn more about pheromones at

Men project their own pheromones on women just like women do with men. A man looks for a man in a woman and a woman looks for a woman. This keeps you from really “seeing” what’s going on in her mind. The visual and aggressive features of their own masculine sexuality keep this important law of female sexuality hidden from men as it is natural for them to focus first on the physical part of their sexual desire: conquering her body as soon as possible with real pheromones according to me.

Pheromone Roles

They don't focus at all on calibrating their own pheromone role in the relationship with her with the purpose of acting on the mechanism I have been describing above. They are kept unaware of the fact that what stimulates the sexual desire of a woman much more than everything else is the thrill of hunting you, the man. Yes, you man, you believe you are the hunter and what really happens is that you are actually hunted. I am going to show you how you can leverage this primeval instinct in the woman to have her in a constant state of horniness for you. Learn more about pheromones at

The mechanism of this male pheromone is: ” The more she fails to conquer your heart, the more she is compelled to feel a strong sexual desire for you” As you see - you nice guys – it’s not what you think. By satisfying her need to conquer your heart too much, you are actually turning her sexual desire off. The more you satisfy her need of conquering your heart (your mind), the more her sexual desire for you goes down at the speed of a helicopter being hit by a stinger. The next postulate to have a woman constantly horny for you is: “ The more you block her in her attempts of conquering your heart ( your mind) , the more she w ill feel horniness for you” Doing this to her in order to have her horny is not as easy as you may believe: it requires careful calibration and constant awareness from you. Without careful calibration and constant awareness, you can forget getting constantly laid with women.

You will probably only get lucky and you will lose your chances very soon if you don’t use a strong pheromone cologne. Anyway, you cannot bring this game of blocking her too far and that’s why I am talking about careful calibration.

There will be a peak where she will feel helpless if you create too much pheromone fragrance in regard to her chances of conquering your heart. At that peak, every woman more or less will begin to feel lowering her own self-esteem and get depressed which will destroy her sexual desire in another way. For this reason, what I share with you in this book has to be very carefully calibrated: an excess from you in a direction or another will cause certain problems and will keep you from getting what you want. Pretty much different compared to the romantic bullshit about mothers and school teachers have taught you.

In a word: women get horny for men who do not take their pheromones away and they expect men to call them on that.” You can assume with a very high degree of sureness that a woman who is horny for you means the same like saying that she is in sexual pheromones communication mode will - when you try to seduce her at the beginning or when she is in a relationship with you and feeling horniness for you - a mismatch between what she is saying and what she is doing. This is because when she is horny, she will be compelled to test her natural pheromones in that way whether you a real man or not before she can fully express her horniness with yo

Women do this to make sure that their horniness is invested into the strongest man. Important notice: as we saw before, some women in politically correct countries coach themselves to control their own horniness. Basically, what they do is similar to what men do: use logic to control emotions.

Pheromones Make Women Horny

Nowadays, some of these women will choose men whom they can easily control. This is only an exception which confirms the rule: to express their sexual pheromone desire, women need men who lead them. These men should not be too proud of having these women: in order to make a choice like this, the woman is forced to control her own sexual desire. Calling these more masculine women on their bullshit may, at first glance, seem to not work on them.

That is only apparent: these women choose unsure males consciously for matters of convenience. As women, they respond exactly to the same sexual stimulations like every other woman on the planet. It only may take some more effort and more time to bring their uncontrolled horniness to the surface. They choose nice guys who are not able to call them on their process and who follow like puppies their content because it’s a commodity to them: they know that these men can be easily controlled with pheromone perfumes.

They also know that men who cannot be controlled are more dangerous. Therefore, in some phase of their life - which very often is when they want to make a family - they choose men whom they know they can control more easily.

The bomb of their sexuality will at any rate “explode” afterwards when the conditions which made them choose men who can be controlled disappear from their life. On the level of their more primitive pheromones, they follow the same law: when they find a man who focuses on process instead of content, they get very, very horny for him. Some examples of how you can turn off sexually a woman by following content instead of process and how doing the inverse makes her horny for you…

But if she senses that you give to her because you cannot get other women and because you do not have a life, believe me: the times of the great sex with her are counted for you.